Noorani Qaida With MP3 ,Best Quran Beginning Learner APK Full Free Download

Noorani Qaida Pakistani Edition is an intuitive, free app specifically designed to educate Muslim kids and adults who want to learn to read the Arabic Quran with perfection. This app is interactive with authentic and professionally recorded audio. This Qaida is commonly used in Pakistan and various parts of the world.
This app follows the progressive/step-by-step format starting from recognition of alphabets to reading complete sentences from the Quran using the correct pronunciation(tajweed) rules of reciting in Arabic style.
Simply tap and hold on any sentence to play the recitation,repeat and practice, and bookmark.
Some of the key features include:
– Crystal Clear Noorani Qaida (Pakistani Edition) Script has been completely rewritten using vector graphics, yet preserving its original classical form.
– Images are professionally optimised for digital screens for best reading experience, with an easy to use interface.
– 16 Lessons which provide step by step Learning.
– Color coded Pronunciation (Tajweed) rules are included in the Noorani Qaida.
– Bookmark pages or bookmark a specific sentence.
– Jump to any page by using the “Slide to Page” feature.
– Main index allow easy navigation to Lesson / Page.
– Intuitive �tap & hold� menu.
– Professionally recorded high quality audio.
– Ability to select and play specific word or sentence.
– Repeat sections – Learning friendly mode to repeat lines or section multiple times.

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