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Live streaming becomes easy with BIGO latest APK 3.14.2 (648). What is this app? This is an application to create live streaming, live chat and real time sharing. You can create live streaming about something then reach million users to watch. This app attracts more users every day because it’s simple and easy to use. You may find interesting live streaming then enjoy creating streaming with others simultaneously. The features on this app are live streaming, virtual gift, Guest live, Vlogging Your Life, and rewarding activity. You may share it with others via social media.

BIGO LIVE File Information:

Version: 3.14.2 (648)
File size: 34.9 MB
Uploaded: October 03, 2018 at 9:32AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0 and up
MD5: 0d1c834c6af7bae91c6e36140cf3e6b2
SHA1: 965624d41c69ff685364223000ef3780223edca4


This app is available for smartphone and web-based mode. The main feature is live streaming. In past time, you need to use personal channel to do live streaming. Now, this app gives simple way to expose your video or live streaming. Users can change quality of video up to HD level. Live stream is not the only feature on this app. One of top features is called Vlogging. It creates personal video to share with other. You can use camera to get selfie photo and vlogging.

In addition, this app is also good place to create personal channel. You do not need to pay just for Bigo account. It is free with tons of users are ready to become your followers. You may become popular artist then obtain gift and money. Besides providing live stream, it is also good to explore various videos. As similar live stream, you can find almost everything on this app. You can use search area to check online users nearby. Guest Live is feature to do live stream with other. You have your channel and your need guest. Use this feature to invite friends or other users to go live stream with you.

This app may have many benefits, but some matters should be put into consideration. It still has issue with content and privacy. This app is not eligible for children, without parental supervision. As parent, some videos or live stream is not for children. You still need constant internet to stay for long period.


  • It provides live streaming, vlogging and personal channel.
  • There are various videos.
  • Real time chat and reward.
  • It offers attractive interface.


  • You need new version of Android to install it.
  • It consumes much data.
  • It may have contents with improper material.

How to Use the App:

Before using this app, you need to configure some stuff such as account, email, and username. The main feature is live streaming, so go to icon on the corner. Tap this icon then type the tittle for your live streaming. Do not forget to configure camera and sound to adjust it. After that, tap go Live then you are ready to stream in few moment. You can also do video call with this app. If you do not like to do live streaming, enjoy million videos from other users. You will see trending and top videos and live stream in real live. For gamers, BIGO for Android is useful to share the real time game session.

  • Introducing Audio Live – You can audio chat in Multi-guest room now!
  • Live Broadcasting Quality Grade is online. Grand rewards are prepared for you.
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