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7 Documentaries Product People Shouldn’t Miss: Expanding Your Product Knowledge and Perspectives

In the fast-paced and constantly evolving world of product development, staying informed and inspired is key to success. Product managers, designers, and developers alike face the challenge of keeping up with the latest trends, methodologies, and customer behaviors to create groundbreaking products. While books and articles are great sources of knowledge, documentaries offer a unique and immersive experience. They provide a deeper understanding of the product industry, showcasing real-world examples and inspiring stories. This blog post aims to highlight seven must-watch documentaries that every product person should see. These documentaries cover various aspects of product creation, from design and development to marketing and user feedback, providing valuable lessons and insights.

Design Disruptors (2014)

“Design Disruptors” is a must-see for anyone involved in product development. This documentary focuses on the transformative power of design thinking across industries such as technology, healthcare, and education. It showcases how innovative design can solve complex problems, improve user experiences, and drive positive change globally. The film features interviews with top designers from leading companies, providing insights into their creative processes and the impact of their work. By watching “Design Disruptors,” product people can learn how to incorporate design thinking into their strategies, ensuring that their products are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and user-centric.

Jobs: The Obsession That Drives Innovation (2013)

Made You Look (2016)

This documentary offers an in-depth look at Steve Jobs, the iconic co-founder of Apple, and his extraordinary drive for innovation. It goes beyond the products he created, delving into his unique approach to design and technology. The film highlights his belief in simplicity, elegance, and customer-focused design, providing valuable lessons for anyone in the product industry. “Jobs: The Obsession That Drives Innovation” serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of vision and persistence in product development. It encourages viewers to push boundaries and think differently about design and technology.

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The User Experience (2010)

“The User Experience” focuses on a critical aspect of product development often overlooked: the user experience (UX). This documentary highlights the importance of understanding user needs and behaviors in creating intuitive, user-friendly, and enjoyable products. It features insights from UX experts and showcases real-world examples of successful user-centric design. The film emphasizes the need for empathy in design, encouraging product people to see their creations through the eyes of the end-users. Watching “The User Experience” will help product developers prioritize the user at every stage of the product lifecycle, from conception to delivery.

The Social Dilemma (2020)

“The Social Dilemma” is a thought-provoking documentary that explores the complex relationship between technology and society. It focuses particularly on the impact of social media on our lives, raising important questions about data collection ethics, algorithm design, and the potential negative effects of social media addiction. Featuring interviews with tech insiders, the film reveals how social media platforms are designed to capture and manipulate user attention. This documentary is crucial for product people as it underscores the ethical responsibilities that come with product development in the digital age. It challenges viewers to consider the long-term implications of their creations on society.

The Web We Made (2014)

This documentary delves into the history and evolution of the internet and its significant impact on society. “The Web We Made” examines the rise of social media, the issues surrounding data surveillance, and the challenges in maintaining a free and open internet. It offers insights into how the web has transformed communication, business, and even our personal lives. This film is particularly relevant for product people interested in understanding the broader context in which they operate. It encourages a deeper appreciation of the internet’s complexities and the responsibility of creating products that respect privacy and promote a healthy digital ecosystem.

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Obsessed with Code (2014)

“Obsessed with Code” is an insightful documentary that takes viewers into the world of coders and software development. It’s a celebration of the passion, creativity, and ingenuity that drives the programming community. The film features interviews with seasoned and aspiring coders alike, shedding light on their challenges and triumphs in shaping the digital landscape. This documentary is particularly relevant for product people who work closely with software development, offering a deeper understanding of the coding process and the minds behind it. Watching “Obsessed with Code” can inspire product managers and developers to appreciate the art and science of coding, fostering better collaboration and innovation in their projects.

Made You Look (2016)


“Made You Look” is a fascinating documentary that examines the power of visual communication in our increasingly image-driven world. It explores the impact of design, photography, and advertising in shaping our perceptions and influencing behavior. The film is a must-watch for product people interested in understanding the role of visuals in product design and marketing. It highlights the importance of creating visually appealing and engaging content to capture and retain user attention. “Made You Look” provides valuable insights into how images can be used effectively to convey messages, evoke emotions, and drive user engagement.


In conclusion, the seven documentaries highlighted in this blog post offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone involved in product development. From the transformative power of design in “Design Disruptors” to the ethical considerations of technology in “The Social Dilemma,” these films cover a wide range of topics that are crucial for product people. “Jobs: The Obsession That Drives Innovation” and “The User Experience” emphasize the importance of user-centered design, while “The Web We Made” and “Obsessed with Code” delve into the technical and historical aspects of the digital world. Lastly, “Made You Look” reminds us of the significant role of visuals in our communication and marketing strategies.

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These documentaries provide not just education, but also motivation and a fresh perspective for those in the product industry. They encourage viewers to think outside the box, understand the broader implications of their work, and strive for innovation and excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned product manager, a designer, a developer, or just starting in the field, these films are invaluable resources. They will expand your understanding, refine your skills, and inspire you to create products that make a real difference.

Remember, in the ever-evolving landscape of product development, continuous learning and staying inspired are key to success. These documentaries are a great starting point for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and enhance their product development journey.



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